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4x7x2.5mm Hybrid Ceramic Bearings Si3N4 Balls Black Rubber Sealed MR74-2RS/C

Product Details

Place of Origin: China

Brand Name: SFT

Model Number: MR74-2RS/C

Payment & Shipping Terms

Minimum Order Quantity: negotiable

Price: negotiable

Packaging Details: carton,pallet

Delivery Time: 20-45DAYS

Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram

Supply Ability: 50000PCS/MONTH

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4x7x2.5mm Hybrid Ceramic Bearings


Hybrid Ceramic Bearings Si3N4 Balls


MR74-2RS/C Hybrid Ceramic Bearings

Number Of Row:
Single Row
Seals Type:
Material Of Balls:
Si3N4 Ceramic Balls
Bore Size:
3 - 10 Mm
Steel Cage
Material Of Rings:
Chrome Steel
Number Of Row:
Single Row
Seals Type:
Material Of Balls:
Si3N4 Ceramic Balls
Bore Size:
3 - 10 Mm
Steel Cage
Material Of Rings:
Chrome Steel
4x7x2.5mm Hybrid Ceramic Bearings Si3N4 Balls Black Rubber Sealed MR74-2RS/C

4x7x2.5mm hybrid ceramic bearings Si3N4 balls black rubber sealed MR74-2RS/C


FreeRun is a specialized manufacturer of Hybrid Ceramic Bearing,Full Complement Ceramic Bearings & Ceramic Balls.


Hybrid Ceramic Bearing:

Ceramic bearings offer a significant performance improvement from those made from traditional steel. Our ceramic bearings are manufactured from silicon nitride (Si3N4), an exceptionally hard non-metallic material rated for speeds to 2 million dN, offering a wide selection of benefits.

Hybrid Bearings have steel rings and ceramic balls. Si3N4 Ball is the most popular for the balls as it has only 40 percent of the density of bearing steel but is much harder giving greater wear resistance. Zirconia is heavier with 75 percent of the density of steel so is less suitable for hybrid bearings..


Full Ceramic Bearing :

Full Ceramic Bearings are made entirely of ceramic material and are superior to common steel bearings in many ways. Ceramic is the perfect material for any application seeking to achieve higher RPM’s, reduce overall weight or for extremely harsh environments where high temperatures and corrosive substances are present. Applications such as cryopumps, medical devices, semiconductors, machine tools, turbine flow meters, food processing equipment, robotics and optics. Ceramic materials commonly used for bearings are Silicon Nitride (Si3N4), Zirconia Oxide (ZrO2), or Silicon Carbide (SiC.)


Ceramic Balls:

We are special in making Silicone Nitride Balls (Si3N4 Balls), Zicronia Balls (ZrO2 Balls),Sic Ceramic Balls, Aluminum Oxside Valve (AI203) ceramic balls.

Compared with steel, ceramic materials are noted for their better or particular characters, such as wear-resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, electrical insulation (except SiC), non-magnetic, high strength, high rigidity, and low specific gravity. These properties qualify them for replacing steel to make bearings serve in conditions of higher speed, harsh environment and less lube, and decrease wear, noise, vibration and maintenance time of bearings, and eventually increase performance, reliability and life of bearings.

FreeRun Ceramic Bearings---Metric Series
Dimensions unflanged flanged
metal shields rubber seals metal shields rubber seals
1.5x4x2mm 681XZZ/C   F681XZZ/C  
1.5x5x2.6mm 691XZZ/C   F691XZZ/C  
1.5x6x3mm 601XZZ/C   F601XZZ/C  
2x5x2.3mm 682ZZ/C   F682ZZ/C  
2x5x2.5mm MR52ZZ/C   MF52ZZ/C  
2X6X2.5mm MR62ZZ/C   MF62ZZ/C  
2x6x3mm 692ZZ/C   F692ZZ/C  
2x7x3.5mm 602ZZ/C   F602ZZ/C  
2.5x6x2.6mm 682XZZ/C   F682XZZ/C  
2.5x7x3.5mm 692XZZ/C   F692XZZ/C  
2.5x8x4mm 602XZZ/C   F602XZZ/C  
3x6x2.5mm MR63ZZ/C MR63-2RS/C MF63ZZ/C MF63-2RS/C
3x7x3mm 683ZZ/C 683-2RS/C F683ZZ/C F683-2RS/C
3x8x3 mm MR83ZZ/C MR83-2RS/C MF83ZZ/C MF83-2RS/C
3x8x4mm 693ZZ/C 693-2RS/C F693ZZ/C F693-2RS/C
3x9x4mm MR93ZZ/C MR93-2RS/C MF93ZZ/C MF93-2RS/C
3X9X5 mm 603ZZ/C 603-2RS/C F603ZZ/C F603-2RS/C
3X10X4mm 623ZZ/C 623-2RS/C F623ZZ/C F623-2RS/C
4x7x2.5mm MR74ZZ/C MR74-2RS/C MF74ZZ/C MF74-2RS/C
4x8x3mm MR84ZZ/C MR84-2RS/C MF84ZZ/C MF84-2RS/C
4x9x4mm 684ZZ/C 684-2RS/C F684ZZ/C F684-2RS/C
4x10x4mm MR104ZZ/C MR104-2RS/C MF104ZZ/C MF104-2RS/C
4x11x4mm 694ZZ/C 694-2RS/C F694ZZ/C F694-2RS/C
4x12x4mm 604ZZ/C 604-2RS/C F604ZZ/C F604-2RS/C
4X13X5 mm 624ZZ/C 624-2RS/C F624ZZ/C F624-2RS/C
4X16X5 mm 634ZZ/C 634-2RS/C F634ZZ/C F634-2RS/C
5x8x2.5mm MR85ZZ/C MR85-2RS/C MF85ZZ/C MF85-2RS/C
5x9x3mm MR95ZZ/C MR95-2RS/C MF95ZZ/C MF95-2RS/C
5x10x4mm MR105ZZ/C MR105-2RS/C MF105ZZ/C MF105-2RS/C
5x11x4mm MR115ZZ/C MR115-2RS/C MF115ZZ/C MF115-2RS/C
5X11X5mm 685ZZ/C 685-2RS/C F685ZZ/C F685-2RS/C
5X12X4mm MR125ZZ/C MR125-2RS/C MF125ZZ/C MF125-2RS/C
5x13x4mm 695ZZ/C 695-2RS/C F695ZZ/C F695-2RS/C
5X14X5 mm 605ZZ/C 605-2RS/C F605ZZ/C F605-2RS/C
5X16X5mm 625ZZ/C 625-2RS/C F625ZZ/C F625-2RS/C
5X19X6mm 635ZZ/C 635-2RS/C F635ZZ/C F635-2RS/C
6x10x3mm MR106ZZ/C MR106-2RS/C MF106ZZ/C MF106-2RS/C
6x12x4mm MR126ZZ/C MR126-2RS/C MF126ZZ/C MF126-2RS/C
6x13x5mm 686ZZ/C 686-2RS/C F686ZZ/C F686-2RS/C
6x15x5mm 696ZZ/C 696-2RS/C F696ZZ/C F696-2RS/C
6X17X6 mm 606ZZ/C 606-2RS/C F606ZZ/C F606-2RS/C
6X19X6 mm 626ZZ/C 626-2RS/C F626ZZ/C F626-2RS/C
6X22X7 mm 636ZZ/C 636-2RS/C F636ZZ/C F636-2RS/C
7x11x3mm MR117ZZ/C MR117-2RS/C MF117ZZ/C MF117-2RS/C
7x13x4mm MR137ZZ/C MR137-2RS/C MF137ZZ/C MF137-2RS/C
7x14x5mm 687ZZ/C 687-2RS/C F687ZZ/C F687-2RS/C
7x17x5mm 697ZZ/C 697-2RS/C F697ZZ/C F697-2RS/C
7X19X6 mm 607ZZ/C 607-2RS/C F607ZZ/C F607-2RS/C
7x22x7 mm 627ZZ/C 627-2RS/C F627ZZ/C F627-2RS/C
8x12x3.5mm MR128ZZ/C MR128-2RS/C MF128ZZ/C MF128-2RS/C
8x14x4mm MR148ZZ/C MR148-2RS/C MF148ZZ/C MF148-2RS/C
8X16X5 mm 688ZZ/C 688-2RS/C F688ZZ/C F688-2RS/C
8x19x6mm 698ZZ/C 698-2RS/C F698ZZ/C F698-2RS/C
8x22x7mm 608ZZ/C 608-2RS/C F608ZZ/C F608-2RS/C
8x24x8mm 628ZZ/C 628-2RS/C F628ZZ/C F628-2RS/C
8x28x9mm 638ZZ/C 638-2RS/C F638ZZ/C F638-2RS/C
9x14x4.5mm 679ZZ/C 679-2RS/C F679ZZ/C F679-2RS/C
9x17x5mm 689ZZ/C 689-2RS/C F689ZZ/C F689-2RS/C
9x20x6mm 699ZZ/C 699-2RS/C F699ZZ/C F699-2RS/C
9x24x7mm 609ZZ/C 609-2RS/C F609ZZ/C F609-2RS/C
9x26x8mm 629ZZ/C 629-2RS/C F629ZZ/C F629-2RS/C
9x30x10mm 639ZZ/C 639-2RS/C F639ZZ/C F639-2RS/C
10x15x4mm 6700ZZ/C 6700-2RS/C F6700ZZ/C F6700-2RS/C
10x19x5mm 6800ZZ/C 6800-2RS/C F6800ZZ/C F6800-2RS/C
10X19X7mm 63800ZZ/C 63800-2RS/C F63800ZZ/C F63800-2RS/C
10x22x6mm 6900ZZ/C 6900-2RS/C F6900ZZ/C F6900-2RS/C
10X26X8 mm 6000ZZ/C 6000-2RS/C F6000ZZ/C F6000-2RS/C
10X30X9 mm 6200ZZ/C 6200-2RS/C F6200ZZ/C F6200-2RS/C
10X35X11mm 6300ZZ/C 6300-2RS/C F6300ZZ/C F6300-2RS/C
12x18x4mm 6701ZZ/C 6701-2RS/C F6701ZZ/C F6701-2RS/C
12x21x5mm 6801ZZ/C 6801-2RS/C F6801ZZ/C F6801-2RS/C
12x24x6mm 6901ZZ/C 6901-2RS/C F6901ZZ/C F6901-2RS/C
12x28x8mm 6001ZZ/C 6001-2RS/C F6001ZZ/C F6001-2RS/C
12x32x10mm 6201ZZ/C 6201-2RS/C F6201ZZ/C F6201-2RS/C
12x24x6mm 6301ZZ/C 6301-2RS/C F6301ZZ/C F6301-2RS/C
13X19X4mm MR1319ZZ/C MR1319-2RS/C MF1319ZZ/C MF1319-2RS/C
13X20X4mm MR1320ZZ/C MR1320-2RS/C MF1320ZZ/C MF1320-2RS/C
15x21x4mm 6702ZZ/C 6702-2RS/C F6702ZZ/C F6702-2RS/C
15x24x5mm 6802ZZ/C 6802-2RS/C F6802ZZ/C F6802-2RS/C
15x28x7mm 6902ZZ/C 6902-2RS/C F6902ZZ/C F6902-2RS/C
15x32x8mm 16002ZZ/C 16002-2RS/C F16002ZZ/C F16002-2RS/C
15x32x9mm 6002ZZ/C 6002-2RS/C F6002ZZ/C F6002-2RS/C
15x35x11mm 6202ZZ/C 6202-2RS/C F6202ZZ/C F6202-2RS/C
15x42x13 mm 6302ZZ/C 6302-2RS/C F6302ZZ/C F6302-2RS/C

4x7x2.5mm Hybrid Ceramic Bearings Si3N4 Balls Black Rubber Sealed MR74-2RS/C 04x7x2.5mm Hybrid Ceramic Bearings Si3N4 Balls Black Rubber Sealed MR74-2RS/C 14x7x2.5mm Hybrid Ceramic Bearings Si3N4 Balls Black Rubber Sealed MR74-2RS/C 24x7x2.5mm Hybrid Ceramic Bearings Si3N4 Balls Black Rubber Sealed MR74-2RS/C 3